Our Services

Architectural & Design Services

We have a creative side.

In addition to our core services, we can help bring your vision to life with site analysis, drawings, CAD, and 3D renderings. Each of these are handled by our team of award winning architects and designers.

Involving us sooner makes it easier later.

Field & As-Built Surveys

We want to be involved from the beginning.

A thorough and accurate assessment of your space at the outset of your project is critical to every subsequent decision you make. Our local site survey teams will provide you with whatever field information you need, including architectural site surveys, retail surveys, and on-site evaluations. From a simple and accurate sketch, to a full set of CAD drawings complete with MEP and elevations, including reflected ceiling plans, existing fixture layout, adjacencies and site conditions, we’ll record the entire space with a full written assessment including photo-documentation.

Our field survey teams can also provide real time reporting of your information through our secure proprietary app, in addition to 24/7/365 accessibility once it’s stored in our iREACT® project management software.

Site Analysis & Feasibility Studies

We’ll assist you in determining the entire scope of work needed to complete your project. From design and architectural site analysis, to uncovering any historical issues related to the space. Even working with the local planning to helping you get key services set up. We’ll help you determine the viability of the space by analyzing the proposed scope of your project through to your projections to determine optimal usage and technical feasibility for maximum cost efficiencies. We also offer architectural project valuation and solutions.

Site Inspection & Audits

We’ve got your back. Literally and figuratively.

As you diligently move forward with your business development, we’ll care for everything that you’ve created so far through site surveys and construction site inspections.

We’ll do a visual inspection by photo-documenting the current state of your spaces to ensure fixtures are up to date, specifications are being considered, and brand guidelines are being adhered to. In addition, we can quickly mobilize our local field teams to provide quality site inspections over large geographic regions with ultra-short lead times.

We can even provide real time feedback with our secure proprietary app.

AutoCAD & 3D Modeling

We’re designed to give you a complete view of your project.

We offer both AutoCAD and Revit services and will either design from scratch or use your existing brand guidelines. We can produce full construction documents or simply prepare site specific drawings as required for your brand retail projects. Our in-house designers work as an extension of your internal team.

We also offer complete photorealistic renderings in addition to 2D and 3D modeling. Our design and architectural teams will input your specifications and work directly with your designers and structural engineers to create a complete three-dimensional model of your vision allowing you to check for accuracy, make more creative decisions and address any potential issues in advance of the actual fit out.

Concept Design & Space Planning

Let’s make something special. Whether it’s new or based on an existing design.

Our retail brand design services team and store planners will assist you in dimensionalizing an original concept or unique site plan for any location based on your specifications. Whether you need a specific enhancement to an existing concept or a complete store design, we’ll work within your brand guidelines to help you take it up a level.

In either case, we can then create full 3D renderings and architectural designs so you’ll be able to assess and showcase the full creative potential of your space.